Rock and roll suicide…

by average-eye-con

Punk’s not dead, and characteristically, it doesn’t care for your concern.




Disclaimer^ I’m a massive knob.

Ridiculously comfortable. Low maintenance, because honestly? I’m notoriously lazy. Black features heavily but the mix of textures make it that little bit interesting. Lengthy sleeves can be left down, rolled up or chopped off.

TeeANTI Original – I’m in love… Bold designs, oversized fit. Effortless. Unghhh. PLUS the attention to detail. You’ll find your purchase arrives in it’s own mini tote bag, bearing the ANTI logo. Tokyo based, the brand officially launches March 15th. Get on it:

Cut off denim jacket: Picked up this Levis classic from POP Boutique, Covent Garden. This store is on my route to/from work and thus lethal. Go have a rummage through their rails and you’ll understand why.

ShoesJeffrey Campbell Stinger spikes, ’nuff said.

Studded HauntletFox and Owl– Brace yourself, they have everything you need for your daily dose of goth.

Photography by West London Local Chris Murray.