The Con…

by average-eye-con

… it’s probably time for me to explain myself.

I’m attempting to be as blunt and honest as possible but am pretty sure that at best I will come off as naive, and at worst? Sound like a pretentious dickhead…

Average-eye-con is not about being the prettiest, slimmest or richest. I am none of these things and to be honest, it doesn’t matter.

It’s not about going to the right places or buying the right brands. I’ve never been cool enough to do either.

It is about being yourself and being comfortable, being yourself. When I chatted with my friend about starting this blog, my reasoning was ‘the one thing I’m pretty good at, is being me’… I could never be as good at being you as you are, so why bother?

Fashion is overrated but style is timeless. There is a constant stream of content telling you what’s in fashion. Fuck it.

No-one should dictate your style, because it’s about expression. Expression of self. It’s never been about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. You wear it well.

It’s about finding shit you like. This is just a collection of shit that I like.

This blog is here to encourage (read force) me to be creative on a regular basis. Whether its through shooting my own looks, snapping stylish strangers, reviewing events or making and sharing art. I want to use it to bring attention to creatives I love and admire. If it brings someone or something to your attention that you love, admire or find yourself inspired by, I would be fucking deliriously happy.

For now, I’m just grateful for you taking the time to check it out.

Thanks x