They swept clean the lonely streets…

by average-eye-con

… while we shrugged off the springtime heat.






Spring has officially sprung here in the UK. In fact it’s feeling a lot like the summer we so rarely achieve; the sunshine putting everyone in high spirits. For me spring brings mixed feelings; I like the brighter days but the heat makes me lazy. Denim becomes a daily staple, replacing my usual leather biker jacket (wahh T^T).

Waistcoat: A resale bargain ❤ – I think this cost me about £3, hah! Bought from Bingo, an offshoot from Book-off in Shibuya. While Tokyo is known for being a prime shopping location, I think so many people neglect to check out the second hand and vintage stores in favour of big brand stores. It’s definitely a mistake, especially going by the constant stream of bargains my beau manages to pick up. I long for the days where I can roam free among the resale stores and flea markets…

Denim crop: A Primarni basic from last year I think? I don’t understand people that trade in their wardrobe each new season, if it’s in good nick, keep hold of it, you can always find a way to reinvent it. This crop is super comfortable and gets me out of the house in something other than black.

Skirt: Mind the Mustard – I fell in love with this the instant I saw it. I love the rich tartan, gorgeous! It’s great for winter layered with tights and socks – or – for slightly chillier spring days, as the fabric is heavyyy. Still, the weight paired with the elasticated waist and full pleats means it hangs beautifully.

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes.

Bag: Making use of my ANTI Original freebie!

Bangles: Selection of antique tibetan bangles that I picked up in Mandala, NYC.

Photography by Alan Brown.