I am sire, I am ivy

by average-eye-con

I am no one, I’m nobody.

Ignore anything I might have said about summer in my previous post, I KNEW NOTHING! If only to spite me, the weather became fickle and we suffered through a lot of grey, rainy days and now? SCORCHING HEAT. Summer is hitting London harrrrrd. Humidity in the evenings makes me loathe to don my leather jacket so I’m still enjoying denims. This is one of my all-time favourite lazy looks, it’s so comfortable, which – by now – you know is key for me.

Vintage denim shirt: Ebayyyyy! I love ebay! The trick is not to get too caught up in auctions. Always watch a bunch of similar items and keep an eye on them. It’s common sense, but bidding early drives the price up. Bid as late as possible – not only does it allow you to scope out interest in the item – you can also make an informed decision on how much you’re willing to spend. If you bid early and are outbid at a later, you risk getting competitive and upping your max bid to win, though something practically identical is going for half the price. You’ll only kick yourself for it as well, because those pennies could be spent elsewhere!

Vest: Hands down – my favourite band tee bought after seeing Maus perform in London…. At least, it was a tee until I took the scissors to it.  I went to the gig not knowing to expect; a friend from Montreal had asked me to go on his behalf and deliver a missive. A sucker for my pals and never one to turn down a challenge, I agreed; bought a pair of tickets, conned a mate into coming with me and set off. One chap. On a stage. Beating himself in the face and stomping from end to end, singing these incredibly charged electro numbers harking back to the best bits of the 80s (yeahyeah, fuck you, there were good bits of the 80s! =P). Loved it.

Bralet: One Teaspoon – bought via Dolls Kill during one of their massive sales. I’m generally careful when it comes to bra tops – I’ve not got like, SUPER MASSIVE tits but they’re nae tiny either. So I need something with a bit of a support but regular bra tops can be so boring… This is a very happy compromise. The adjustable straps  means I can make sure I’m not going to tumble out of it but it still gives me something pretty to flash ^_~

Leggings: Blackmilk‘s now discontinuedThe Last Judgement‘ leggings –  What do I need to tell you? Blackmilk make beautiful leggings, they’re super stretchy and comfortable and this set feature a section of a religious diptych by flemmish artist Jan van Eyck.

Boots: H by Hudson faithfuls, picked up from Asos forever ago.

Photography by Alan Brown – Alan has been shooting models since 2003. From humble beginnings in the studio he’s since moved outdoors, where the freedom afforded by ever changing backdrops has ensured he’s never looked back. Although he’s dabbled in digital work, he’s returned to his roots in film, loving the way the film stock impacts the shot and the limited exposure causes him to consider composition carefully. Alan is a big fan of fashion and style and shoots this at every opportunity he gets.