Stranger by nature…

by average-eye-con

… and that’s how I find her.

Shoes: Y-R-U Qozmos – wheeee I LOVE these! Fun flatforms, super high but super comfortable. They take a little getting used to, but the relatively soft sole, means they’re a lot more forgiving than most platforms and you won’t go toppling over should a single tiny stone get beneath them.

Top: Strange Clothing Company bear tee worn as a (mini) mini dress.

When my friend Patrick, told me he was starting a clothing line, I knew it would be something special. Aside from being a killer musician, he’s an incredible artist and I’m really fond of the way he uses intense line work to create texture.He gave me a sneak preview of the first collection and I was blown away.

The tone for Strange Clothing has been clearly stated. Strange? Yes. Fantastical? Fantastic. Wearable? Eminently.

Victoriana style illustrations featuring an array of skulls and tentacles adorn many of the items and I can’t get enough. Neither can you apparently – as since launching their wares, they’re flying off the shelf.

In celebration of  them just passing 1000 followers on Instagram, we’re running a little giveaway – get yourself over to instagram to enter =]

Photography by my favourite ❤ Chris Murray