What if I wait…

by average-eye-con

… and you don’t show?

This is me being as smart/casual as the current weather allows. I naturally tend towards layers but it’s just too warm to do that properly right now – a really oppressive muggy heat –  bleurgh! Anyway, this is generally what I chuck on when we have a bunch of meetings at work or I’m heading out for dinner after. It’s comfortable (yes, yes) but is essentially a little black dress… Only this isn’t really that little, it’s got a kind of oversized fit (I’m pretty sure I didn’t buy a size up) so I cinch at the waist. If I was stick thin/lacking booty, it’d probably hang fine without – but(t?) as it clings to my generously proportioned rear – I cinch it to demonstrate I do have a waist in there! Lace vamps it up a little and the denim adds a splash of colour – it is summer after all!

Dress: Asos basic black cami dress – nice fabric and well cut. Hangs nicely but as aforementioned, has a tendency to cling to dat ass. I go through phases where I live in this. It’s my faithful go-to-item when nothing else seems to look right. Well played ASOS, well played.

Lace: Found this amongst a bunch of stuff my Nan has been hanging on to for bootsales; my magpie eyes instantly drawn to the gorgeous lace. I’m pretty sure it’s former life was lived out as an undergarment, but screw it! I’ve always a big fan of underwear as outerwear anyway ^_~

Jacket: ANTI Original Vintage – This jacket holds a special place in my heart AND wardrobe ❤ it is one of two beautiful one-of-a-kind items gifted to me by my pals over at ANTI Original, as a thank you for flying out to Tokyo for their launch event. The thrifted Lee Denim jacket has been branded with ANTI’s spine print and so it’s totally unique. Notes from previous owners on the lining give me cause to believe that it once lived in the USA… I love it when clothing has history – has lived a life before you – that you can add to.

Accessories: Necklace – an odd 70’s find from POP Boutique, Covent Garden with an psychedelic asymmetrical design featuring a mauve stone. Bangle – Antique tibetan find from  Mandala, NYC.

BootsH by Hudson old faithfuls from Asos… these boots have just died T^T fortunately, summer gives me substantial time to mourn their passing and find something new… recommendations appreciated lovelies!

Photography by Alan Brown – Alan has been shooting models since 2003. From humble beginnings in the studio he’s since moved outdoors, where the freedom afforded by ever changing backdrops has ensured he’s never looked back. Although he’s dabbled in digital work, he’s returned to his roots in film, loving the way the film stock impacts the shot and the limited number of exposures causes him to consider composition carefully. Alan is a big fan of fashion and style and shoots this at every opportunity he gets.