You grow, you grow like tornado…

by average-eye-con

… You grow from the inside, destroy everything.

This outfit never fails to make me feel amazing. The body-con maxi-dress sports a slight sparkle and clings to all the right places -yeaaaaah – dat ass/dem hips! It oozes glamour and I can’t help but feel confident and capable when I put it on. As a general rule, I like my glamour understated, so I layer with a loose crop to tone down the ensemble. The contrast makes for a more interesting silhouette and simply losing a layer can take this outfit from sophisticated day wear, to elegant evening wear in a matter of seconds.

TopAsos – I bought this plain grey cropped tee from Asos a few years ago and proceeded to not wear it. I really liked the way it hung but there was something about it that just wasn’t working… apparently it was the sleeves, because once I cut them off, it quickly became my go-to top. I quite like grey, some might say it’s boring or basic, but I find it’s a good colour companion for most of my wardrobe (and not just because most of my wardrobe is black =P).

Dress: Charity shop – You cannot imagine my excitement when I discovered this tight knit dress for just under a tenner at my local charity shop. Someone had inexpertly sewn in a small modesty panel which I quickly whipped off (modesty, pschttt,what’s that?!) and it was good to go. It’s the maxi dress that finally made me fall in love with maxi dresses and started a trend in my wardrobe that’s still going strong.

EarringsOS Accessories – you probably know by now just how much I love OS Accessories, but really? Can you blame me? These cosmic heart earrings are one of the more playful pieces of the OS Volume four collection and – though they look chunky – are super light-weight, making them perfect for wearing all day.

ShoesAsos – wedge heels from forever ago. I have a confession, I horde. Especially shoes. I’m fortunate to have a decent shoe repair place nearby. Finding a pair of shoes I love and that are comfortable is a rare thing so I try to take good care of them. These are a little worse for wear but still in pretty good nick. Wedges are great – I know a friend of mine hates them and likens them to hooves… y’know what? I’m totally cool with that. All the hoofed animals I can think of are pretty elegant. The way they lengthen your legs and extend your silhouette = awesome. Ability to walk? Negotiable! Hah!

Photography by the ever-awesome Chris Murray.