Under the bridge…

by average-eye-con

…downtown, I gave my life away.

Hey kitties, sorry for the delay. I flew to Tokyo Thursday, arriving 9am  local time Friday – losing a day in the process – so I’ve been too tired to blog until today. I’m going to make it up to you, promise! I’ll be sharing a bonus post from my stay here ^_^ First though, this beautifully basic look. I hate the way ‘basic’ is thrown around the internet as an insult these days – “dayumnn you basic’ – what bullshit. If you can wear something simple and look incredible, that’s awesome. Effortless style is where it’s at. No-one wants to look like they’re trying too hard. So yeah, bold prints, mixed textures and metallic accents are the focus of this simple look. Sleek, easy rock chic. Fuck you ‘basic’ haters.

Leggings: Strange Clothing Company – as a big Blackmilk fan, I feel a bit traitorous in these. It can’t be helped though: super soft and silky with plenty of stretch – sorry, not sorry. They’re so comfortable so they’d make great exercise gear but as I’m super unfit (yes, logically, exercise would help) they won’t be going near a yoga mat… All in all, my only problem with these is that they’re only design in the store. MOAR PLEASE.

Bralet: Unif – Killer structured bralet with PU straps and metal plates. The metal has a little give – so – if your boobs are on the larger side, you can shape it, preventing unflattering squashing.

Boots: Asos – trusty wedges that I’ve hung on to for yeaaaars.

Photography by Chris Murray