You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker…

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So I thought I’d been really clever and scheduled this post to go out while I was away, but apparently not. Hah. Oh well, perhaps this look is even more fitting having just returned from Tokyo. Autumn there is largely sunny and bright, just like this outfit! This was something of a personal challenge – a friend of mine always teases me for wearing black so I tried to go a whole outfit without it… almost. I think I can get away with just that teeny strap right? Plus that’s a banging bag! Seeing these photos really makes me miss my rainbow hair, but at least I can still pull off that twin buns style ^^

Dress: Amica Fox – The reason for the title of this post, I can’t help but feel like a foxy lady in this stunning body con number. This ‘green kaleidoscope’ print is just beautiful, there are so many incredible colours that you can draw on for co-ordinates. I chose to focus on the burnt orange, for maximum contrast. The fabric is amazing, not too dissimilar to Black Milk but somehow it feels thicker or stronger. It doesn’t pull me in awkwardly or make me bulge but really accentuates and flatters my curves. I notice it rides up a little when walking, but I’m fairly proud of my pins, so this wasn’t really a problem, hah!

If you’d like to pick up this, or any of their other unique designs, you can use the code: VIXEN  for £5 off your order!

Jacket: Beautiful vintage Haori from Etsy. From a distance it looks fairly standard but up close, you not only spot the shimmer of gold thread but the rich texture of the fabric… I have to admit I’ve a blossoming obsession for haori jackets. Every time I go back to Tokyo I scour stores like Chicago for cheap vintage finds and when I’m home, Etsy is the next best thing.

Bag: This Leather Satchel by Danielle Foster (via Boticca) is the perfect balance of style and practicality: the leather is strong, structured and reassuringly weighty. As beautiful as it is you just know it’s hard wearing and with its eye catching colour and detachable strap, it offers up a variety of styling options.

Accessories: Earrings are a vintage find on Ebay and the necklace is from a local charity shop. The sunnies are from Hi-Tek London – I love the futuristic arms and the pop of colour on the lenses… I can’t help but feel they single-handedly make up for the black strap of the bag in my ‘no-black-challenge’.

Shoes: I originally found this style on La Moda, but sadly they didn’t have any of the white in stock when I went to buy, so these were the closest I could find on Ebay.

Photography by Alex over at The Photo Lounge. Alex’s work is characterised by deep saturated tones and analogue style edits, lending his work a cinematic quality. Dedicated and hardworking, he really puts his all into the images he creates and that can clearly be seen in the end result.