Art Endeavour: SHAMELESS

by average-eye-con

Shameless‘ is a project I’m undertaking on expired gesso-primed polaroid film. It is a collection of selfie-based portraits.

Each individual chosen inspires me personally. Whether it’s a talent or personality trait that marks them apart, I find them fascinating. I’m using selfies because we’re so much more than our appearance. I see these awesome, talented people being commented on as if they’re just a pretty face… I find it simultaneously hilarious and depressing. As Amanda Palmer puts it we are ‘so much bigger on the inside’.

I initially started the series because I was fed up of seeing people trashing each other on instagram – body shaming or belittling individuals life choices – it made me so angry. Why do people feel this need to attack others? Urgh to senseless hatred.

Later, Katherine Jane Wood (of the quite delightful project) passed on to me the following wisdom which cemented my feelings on this project: “the only should in feminism is that women should be equal to men”.

And that’s it.

That is where is ends. Have a career, raise a family, be stoic, express emotions… Freedom of choice and the freedom to not be penalised (or worse, persecuted) for those choices for men and women alike. Equality please. Freedom to just fucking be.

I’ve been working inconsistently on this project for a while now but have really buckled down the last couple of weeks so it’s grown from where it first started. Although I’m yet to start painting, I’m really happy with how it’s progressing and wanted to share it with you. Not all of these images are likely to make the final cut, in fact, some have already been painted over and reworked. I’m documenting each one regardless and I’ll update as I continue. Eventually I’ll write about each individual and why I chose them/how they inspire me.

When they’re finished, I would like to exhibit them but that’s just a dream for now. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed working on them.

Cheers x