Collaboration: Creativity is my Weapon – Knife Party – Kenta Matsui

by average-eye-con



Photography: Kenta Matsui
Styling: Kenta Matsui
HMUA: average-eye-con
Model: average-eye-con

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you likely know that Kenta and I were a couple – over 6000 miles apart – for just over a year. The distance won out a few months ago and we’ve since gone our separate ways, probably a bit happier for it. Long distance is stressful!

Kenta is an extremely cool, passionate  and creative person. While working as a photographer by day, he draws, paints, designs clothes (and has made them, including stunning leather jackets) and takes yet more photos for his private works. During my last trip, we shot through the night to bring this collaboration together.

He really wanted to do a shoot where he not only took the photos but was also in complete control of the styling, I supplied hair and make-up – oh – and my face! This shoot was a lot of fun and although we’re no longer an item I’ll always respect his creativity and the works he produces – I do hope this won’t be our final collaboration.

Please enjoy the first in the series: Knife Party – Creativity is my Weapon.