There’ll be oats in the water, there’ll be birds on the ground…

by average-eye-con

… There’ll be things you never asked her, how they tear at you now.

Chris and I had fun with this one! He’s been working on a Lake Series for some time, so it was only fair I helped him out given all the work he puts into our shoots… Besides, as cold as I was, it was fun watching him leaving the relative warmth of the shore to edge further and further into the water for the sake of the shot. Teehee!


Such poise, such finesse… damn right I’m talking about Chris! We were pretty fortunate to have Sonesh Joshi there to capture all the behind the scenes shenanigans.

Dress: I adore this dress, it’s one of my wardrobe staples throughout spring and summer. It’s actually a vintage nightdress but who cares! It looks great with denim by day and dresses up for the evening with a splash of jewellery and heels.

Stole: Vintage stole I picked up for a  nifty $20 in Search and Destroy in NYC.

Accessories: The beautiful rings adorning my digits are created by Tessa Metcalfe and were loaned to me by Boticca – now part of Wolf & Badger.

Shoes: Nabbed these sandals a while back from La Moda.

Wig: Ebay.

Photography by the wonderful Chris Murray.