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Styling Collaboration: Petra Martonova

I worked with Petra last year and not only did we get on really well, we were both pleased with the outcome of the collaboration. This year, she gave me a shout and asked if I could deliver layered looks for a couple of models, drawing inspiration from a mood board that featured a lot of textures and mixed prints. This is what I pulled together, shot on a blustery day in Richmond Park.

models: Sharon (Select Model Management) & Roberto (Le Clique Models)
MUA: Yosuke Nakajima
styling: average-eye-con
photo: Petra Martonova


We can do some wrecking here …

… ’til a little colour, comes into your face.






















Hey guys, so I’ve been sitting on this post for forever. To begin with, I was just struggling to pick shots from all the awesome ones Chris snapped >.< but after a while I just started to avoid blogging. I kept thinking ‘oh I must finish that post’ but it became a point of self inflicted pressure. The more I thought I must the more I steered clear. I’m probably going to write about these thinking habits and dealing with Depression at another point, for now, let me tend to this autumnal/chilly spring ensemble =] Oh and apologies for the huge number of photos, struggled to whittle them down. Chris really is too good.

Dress: I picked this dress up in H&M what seems like an age ago. I liked the simplicity of the design and the contrast in fabrics that sassed it up a little. It can be layered for contrast, but looks equally good on its lonesome. My only gripe is that is occasionally reveals my bra but it’s no biggie.

Top: Fun W.I.A Collections crop I picked up on sale in Candy|Fake Tokyo.

Shoes: YRU qozmos.

Jacket: Gifted to me by my friends, when they launched ANTI Original.

Photography by Chris Murray

Styling Collaboration: Petra Martonova

Undertook this creative collaboration with photographer Petra Martonova last year. Pleased to share the images with you now, as we’re working together next month on an online editorial!

Special thanks to Boticca.com for supplying the wonderful accessories.

model: Michał Szpak
MUA: Simona Gz
styling: average-eye-con
photo: Petra Martonova


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You know you’re a cute little heartbreaker…

















So I thought I’d been really clever and scheduled this post to go out while I was away, but apparently not. Hah. Oh well, perhaps this look is even more fitting having just returned from Tokyo. Autumn there is largely sunny and bright, just like this outfit! This was something of a personal challenge – a friend of mine always teases me for wearing black so I tried to go a whole outfit without it… almost. I think I can get away with just that teeny strap right? Plus that’s a banging bag! Seeing these photos really makes me miss my rainbow hair, but at least I can still pull off that twin buns style ^^

Dress: Amica Fox – The reason for the title of this post, I can’t help but feel like a foxy lady in this stunning body con number. This ‘green kaleidoscope’ print is just beautiful, there are so many incredible colours that you can draw on for co-ordinates. I chose to focus on the burnt orange, for maximum contrast. The fabric is amazing, not too dissimilar to Black Milk but somehow it feels thicker or stronger. It doesn’t pull me in awkwardly or make me bulge but really accentuates and flatters my curves. I notice it rides up a little when walking, but I’m fairly proud of my pins, so this wasn’t really a problem, hah!

If you’d like to pick up this, or any of their other unique designs, you can use the code: VIXEN  for £5 off your order!

Jacket: Beautiful vintage Haori from Etsy. From a distance it looks fairly standard but up close, you not only spot the shimmer of gold thread but the rich texture of the fabric… I have to admit I’ve a blossoming obsession for haori jackets. Every time I go back to Tokyo I scour stores like Chicago for cheap vintage finds and when I’m home, Etsy is the next best thing.

Bag: This Leather Satchel by Danielle Foster (via Boticca) is the perfect balance of style and practicality: the leather is strong, structured and reassuringly weighty. As beautiful as it is you just know it’s hard wearing and with its eye catching colour and detachable strap, it offers up a variety of styling options.

Accessories: Earrings are a vintage find on Ebay and the necklace is from a local charity shop. The sunnies are from Hi-Tek London – I love the futuristic arms and the pop of colour on the lenses… I can’t help but feel they single-handedly make up for the black strap of the bag in my ‘no-black-challenge’.

Shoes: I originally found this style on La Moda, but sadly they didn’t have any of the white in stock when I went to buy, so these were the closest I could find on Ebay.

Photography by Alex over at The Photo Lounge. Alex’s work is characterised by deep saturated tones and analogue style edits, lending his work a cinematic quality. Dedicated and hardworking, he really puts his all into the images he creates and that can clearly be seen in the end result.

I wasn’t born of a whistle or milked from a thistle at twilight…

… No, I was all horns and thorns, sprung out fully formed, knock-kneed and upright.


IMG_3570 (1)










Back on form, here’s an outfit I shot a little while ago. I adore the simplicity and strength of this look. The dress is sublime but on it’s own, more delicate and feminine than I’m used to. Pairing it with my trusty tough boots and this statement necklace immediately gave it a little edge. As the weather is getting colder, I’m definitely going to be chucking my leather jacket on top. I think the inspiration for this one sprang from checking out loads of photos & videos of Chelsea Wolfe… God damn I love that woman.

Necklace: This spectacular E.A.Burns necklace is crafted from a number of leather panels, that hang like plate armour. It’s just incredible. The moment I saw it, I fell in love and was ecstatic when the wonderful people at Boticca offered to loan it to me for shooting. I’ve only discovered Boticca recently but it’s so far up my street it’s unreal. It’s not about fashion, it’s not about style, it’s about stories. It’s about each, hand picked designer and their inspirations. It’s about looking into their studios and understanding the inner workings of their craft. It appeals to my (not-so-inner) art geek, as well as my love for beautiful things.. Oh Boticca. You’re going to be so bad for my bank balance and I’m not sorry.

As for the designer. I can’t help but feel a stirring of pride that EABurns is London based and not only that, also studied at an esteemed local art college. The designs are bold, sharp and dripping with punk-esque elegance… often made from reclaimed and recycled materials. Just. Perfect. ❤

Dress: In keeping with the theme of unique stories. This 1970’s vintage Frank Usher maxi that I picked up in Glasgow’s infamous Mr Ben has one of it’s own… According to the lovely lady in store, it was worn by Glasgow’s own Lorraine McIntosh of Deacon Blue for a photoshoot. I’ve not been able to track down any photos sadly, but if I do, I’ll be sure to post them. Feel free to send them my way if you spot any… I’m really glad I bought this. Although the lace is delicate, the dress is actually pretty weighty, so hangs really beautifully. If I’m entirely honest, it’s probably a teeny bit large for me, so for regular wear, I’m best off teaming it with a belt of some sort to maximise my ass-ets.

Shoes: Wonderfully worn in Vagabond booties.

Wig: I was getting bored of my hair and was considering growing out my fringe but first I needed a trial run… and if I was getting a wig, then I was going all out. Hah – I’ve been trying to grow my hair this long for the last 10 years T^T I despair of ever making it. I picked up this on Ebay for under a tenner and it didn’t take nearly as long to arrive as anticipated. It’s also pretty decent quality, the only thing I would say, is the hair at the very front, is likely meant to be trimmed to a fringe of your desired length. It doesn’t feature a parting right at the front, and so – you’ll probably note-  hangs slightly awkwardly… still as cheap as it was, I’m not really complaining.

Photography by Chris Murray


Hi guys.

So I’ve been a bit shit – only I didn’t realise just how shit until I finished reading ‘Show your Work‘ by Austin Kleon.

I’ve eyed the book before, and whilst lunching in the London Review Bookshop cafe (which is friggin’ awesome! All the lunches are beautifully tasty and just damn beautiful) decided to grab a copy. It was the right decision.

I started it yesterday while making a cup of tea at work and finished it on my commute home this evening. It’s wonderful. It’s full of concise, useful advice that really resonated with me and likely will with you, if you’ve ever tried to do anything – creative or not – but some times find yourself a bit stuck.

The key to all of it (probs a bit obviously) is showing your work.


I’ve realised, I’ve been hoarding (as per page 73).

I’ve been working on a few things, but didn’t feel like I had anything post worthy, so tried to save it… All this has done, is lead to me showing bugger all and leaving average-eye-con barren and empty for all those checking back. Again, I’m sorry.

I started writing a post on ‘mermaid hair’ but was poorly motivated when it came to finishing it. Having read this book, I realised why.  It’s bollocks. If it was any good, writing it wouldn’t have been such a struggle and I would have published by now. The bits of it that came easiest are likely the most useful so here is all I have to say about mermaid hair.

 – the bleaching

I’m all for DIY but bleaching your hair can go horribly, hideously, wrong… Witnessing my mother accidentally dye her hair a brilliant shade of orange on more than one occasion has taught me one thing – I’m brave but I’m not that brave – if I fuck it up, I’m not sure I could live with it. So I left the bleaching the capable hands of my hairdresser. Once your hair is light enough, it’s a canvas for whatever rainbow shades you desire – but the better the bleaching, the better the end result.

That’s it. After it’s been bleached, you can do whatever you like with it… I did think of recommending a bunch of after care, but everyone’s hair is different. I was quick to find products that worked for me, so don’t have a whole host to review in detail for you. All I can say is don’t assume that the products you used pre-bleaching, will continue to work as well post bleaching. You might have to ditch old favourites and try something new. Other mermaid wisdom: hair oil. Which ever kind you go for, it will change your life/hair for the better. Just don’t go nuts with it. The trick is to start with a little – add more if you feel it’s necessary – it’s way too easy to pile it on and make your hair greasy.

The final thing I should mention – DON’T try to go back straight to brunette from blonde. I knew it was a bad idea. I KNEW you were supposed to go red beforehand and though nahhhh, it’ll be fine. It wasn’t. My hair was green. So if you’re going to brunette from blonde, and aren’t paying your hairdresser to do it for you. Go. Red. First. 

Now that’s out of the way, what’s been happening?

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24 hours, we still have time…

… for 24 hours, you’re still mine.

Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

So my bonus post while I was away didn’t make it out >_< this is what happens when you only have 4.5 days to spend with your beau! Still, I did snap this casual look whilst strolling around Harajuku on my last day! Le sigh T^T I miss it – and him – loads already… Tokyo is super humid in summer and heavy rain is quite common, but I felt pretty good in this. The shirt was a bit surplus to requirements – until a storm hit – then I was grateful for the meagre protection it offered from the torrential downpour! The first snap in this series was taken in the wonderful Avantgarde – super cool purveyor of leg-wear – got some awesome tights I’m looking forward to blogging! Also, I met the lovely Seki Mei who was really helpful with adorable style! ❤

Accessories: Thigh harness by Malice Clothing – gorgeous lingerie inspired attire, divine. Rings – silver treasures found at a local market, flying bird from Primarni and a peridot ring – a birthday gift from my oldest brother for my 11th birthday – worn everyday!

Shirt: Vintage find amidst items my Nan had horded for a bootsale. Thanks Nan!

Bodysuit: Dark Moon Cult “Dark Cult Pentagram body” via Dolls Kill <3<3<3 What can I say? Wiatch puhlease.

Skirt: Cheeky find in TKMAXX. In my dreams I’m channelling @creepyyeha… minus the killer waist-to-hips ratio!

Shoes: La Moda – love these sandals! La Moda’s shoes are really reasonably priced and they have a sweet selection available. These are the perfect balance of clomp and strappy-ness! However, I did find that until I’d worn them in a little this was my godsend.

Bag: Trusty ANTI Original tote – sadly, the ANTI crew have parted ways but they will be pursuing their own individual ventures in the near future. I’ll keep you posted!

Photography by Kenta Matsui